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Shelter Cove Fireworks on Hilton Head

Fireworks on Shelter Cove During tourism season, fireworks flame every Tuesday night in the summer at Shelter Cove. This has been a tradition of the marina for many years. The Marina provides a boastful display of lights and pyrotechnics along Broad Creek. Admission and Parking is free and there are plenty of nearby shops to check out. There are also great places to get your favorite refreshments.

You can take a special cruise for excellent view of the show with Vagabond Cruises on Tuesday nights. Many of the Kayak and boat companies offer wonderful tours for the show. The Old Factory Restaurant and public boat landing also offer nice views.

Photograph Shown:
The statue of King Neptune is Shelter Cove Harbor's most well-know landmark. It stands tall on a pedestal (good for pictures). Neptune is actually standing on one of the world's largest working sundials. Neptune's trident spear is actually the sundial's gnomon, or time indicator. You will learn how to read the graph etched into the platform and how to adjust for correct time any month of the year.