The Crucial Role of Social Media Marketing Today

crucial role of social media

Many unsuspecting companies are up against the problem of social media’s great influence upon the general public. A lot of businesses in Singapore found themselves being broken down by the pressure to compete with more digitally-informed startups and the issue of aligning their marketing and advertising strategies to this unfamiliar medium.

Larger companies with deep-rooted promotion procedures tend to be more hesitant in adopting the move to online media. Not long ago, there was a situation whereby a large corporation was experiencing huge losses owing to a number of factors. Fortunately enough, these people daringly resorted to digital marketing in order to save themselves from total failure. You may have heard of this organization before: PrioGrocer.

A key player in the Singaporean Fast Moving Consumer Goods marketplace, PrioGrocer was regarded as one of many biggest and most reputable supermarkets with decent popularity. The chain was situated in nearly every township with the competitors being limited to mostly mom and pop establishments. But when mid of 2015 arrived, PrioGrocer found itself struggling for certain reasons. The initial obstacle emerged with the substantial costs triggered by the new Chief Executive Officer’s restructuring plan. The former CEO, failing to capture the international marketplaces efficiently, was fired and replaced by the new one.

PrioGrocer soon became subjected to Murphy’s law, where if things could go wrong, they’d. New players with extensive know-how in internet marketing were appearing every so often. It reached to an extent that these shops were emerging at every corner.

Relying on PrioGrocer’s Natural Advantages
During then, PrioGrocer’s advantage was in its comprehensive physical reach and a good track record. This acknowledgement extended their shelf life but failed to help them preserve investor loyalty or total patronage. Visible investors of the sickly company announced on public record that they have lost no less than $200 million just from the dismal financial performance.

The new CEO believed firmly in using technology to remodel a company; that was the primary reason why he was appointed.The fast growing levels of competition that PrioGrocer dealt with meant that hinging only on its online store would just not be enough. The newly appointed CEO kickstarts the remodeling by creating an internal digital marketing department. The objective was to merge the various aspects that formed PrioGrocer’s digital marketing strategy to build a strong unified image. However, this internal team became so effective – and so overloaded – that PrioGrocer had to review its strategy. It came to the decision that engaging an external marketing agency with capabilities in digital media was critical in keeping up its online effort.

Reinforcements to the online grocery store meant the demand to increase their online traffic. For this to be possible, it’d have to go past its reliance on tried-and-tested traditional advertising means. Marketing via branded content, a digital marketer’s favourite, comes to mind in this case. PrioGrocer added a new Finest Treats button to their main website which when clicked on sends the user to a microsite called “PrioGrocer Finest”. Content such as recipes, food preparation techniques, wellness posts and inspirational stories filled the pages of the PrioGrocer Finest site.

The tactical placement of this mini site as an independent source of invaluable health advice unrelated to PrioGrocer is a dazzling move. Furthermore, it acts as a gateway to PrioGrocer’s e commerce shop. The smart way in which this information website was crafted and developed smartly associates PrioGrocer with nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, thus driving e-commerce profits with the appropriate audience. The principal idea behind this strategy tends upon common consumer behavior that’s dependent on instant gratification. This approach obviously enhances the likelihood that a customer will purchase from PrioGrocer’s e-commerce store.

Getting Down and Dirty with Social Media Marketing

The existence of social media meant that PrioGrocer had to make full use of it too or risk being left behind. So in addition to the use of branded content, PrioGrocer employed social media marketing into the existing plan which included platforms such as Facebook and Twitter which were managed by their in house team.

There existed two important reasons to man their own social networking accounts. To begin with, it’s an easily controlled stream of general information and marketing related material for their shoppers. They went to the extent of creating specific Twitter accounts for each of their sections. They’ve profiles for deals, organic foods, wines, and so on.

More significantly, PrioGrocer kept absolute control over their online brand image. There’s very little impediment – and an excessive amount of vested interest – for any person evil enough to sign up for fraudulent accounts to attack the supermarket giant. With full control over its accounts, PrioGrocer could be counted on to provide confirmed info via the legitimate social media channels.

An absolute emphasis on web based customer support
Whilst sales numbers are the chief driver behind a company like PrioGrocer, another crucial but understated brand enhancing component is after sales service. Excellent post-sales support helps to create chances for loyalty to the brand and repeat business, as studies have continuously shown. PrioGrocer actually illustrates this good business practice.

As a demonstration of the focus PrioGrocer places on online after sales support, they devote a different social media account to manage customer questions and charges. This allowed unsatisfied patrons to effectively convey their opinions without diluting the promotional messages from PrioGrocer to others.

At the end of the day, customers of any business want to feel valued; the first step to achieving this is to have a “live” person talking to them and dealing with their problems, rather than computer generated responses which further space the business and its customers. This is an effective manner to foster loyalty to the brand and encourage repeat business.

fantastic customer service

PrioGrocer’s digital marketing strategy is benefiting them greatly as they currently control the biggest share of grocery stores in Singapore. As of data collated by a number of statistics sites in July last year, PrioGrocer holds approximately a quarter of the share of the market. The next challenger was not even close, just managing to garner about 48% of that.

As a result of PrioGrocer’s digitally-driven success, they are working on releasing their own mobile app to further expand its reach. Coupled with the creation and launch of mobile programs, it makes it even simpler for consumers to purchase and engage PrioGrocer than what traditional means – such as website design and development – would ever hope to attain.

What Can We Learn from PrioGrocer?
You will find lots of lessons in PrioGrocer’s instance. Firstly, the digital age disrupts and shakes all organizations, irrespective of how established they might be. Every participant in the market can use digital and social media marketing to extend its reach and compete head-on with giants on an identical stage.

If a market leader like PrioGrocer was so readily crippled by the absence of an online existence, imagine the consequences for a smaller business. Digital media no longer is optional for any business; if you need to remain relevant in this time, there is no escaping from embarking on this platform, even to simply remain competitive.

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