Singapore’s Digital Marketing Scene in 2016

Companies big and small were certainly not expecting the internet to have such a powerful grip on consumers in Singapore. These companies lagged even farther as internet usage hastened as a result of lower costs and greater accessibility. They were not able to make full use of this new channel to grow their company.

On the other hand, a few firms that decided to embrace digital mediums stood to receive superior returns. They noticed an increasing client base that showed active engagement online. Apparently, marketing through digital media is a persuasive tactical device in business. There are occasions whereby businesses on a downward spiral manage to turn losses into profits as a result of a well organized campaign conducted by a marketing focused digital agency within Singapore. A perfect example of such a case will be none other than local grocery chain Playce.

As one of Singapore’s biggest supermarkets and one of the top brands in the Consumer Goods marketplace, Playce enjoyed a comparatively prosperous and comfortable existence. The supermarket chain had stores in nearly every town and had minimal competition aside from modest groceries. But when December of 2011 rolled around, Playce realized that it was struggling due to specific reasons. The former President of the company, unable to capture the European and Asian markets effectively, was replaced by the new one. Just like any change in top management, the new President gave Playce a comprehensive overhaul. This meant huge prices for Playce and had an unwanted impact on its financial state.

Playce soon became subjected to Murphy’s law, where if things could go wrong, they would. New players with wide-ranging expertise in digital marketing were appearing every now and then. At some point, it was impossible to disregard the presence of a rival store at practically every junction. In the meantime, there was a marked change in buying behavior that resulted in customers adopting the relevance of value over brand loyalty. Customers minimized their expenditure at the chain, and this reduction was clear in its records. To put matters into perspective, Playce’s gains dropped by 13.5% – a definite way to get investors worried.

dip in profits

Preparing to Go All Out for Digital Marketing
So as to successfully recoup Playce’s on-line ranking, the freshly appointed President – a true believer of technological progress – decided to set up an inhouse digital marketing department. Even with a completely running e-commerce store in place, they needed to step up their game.

Nevertheless, organic growth could only take it so far; they’d have to hire an external digital marketing agency to help fuel the expansion of its on-line presence. Playce managed to settle on one following comprehensive evaluation. They picked an internet marketing agency that was able to spread the Playce message through a variety of digital channels. The new norm for businesses today is to carry out more with less; in Playce’s circumstance, it’d need to increase its e-commerce store sales utilizing the most cost-effective method possible. This paradigm shift induced Playce to seriously assess its alternatives and it finally chose marketing through branded content, betting on it to help deliver the numbers.

Launching of a Microsite Named Playce Grocery
Playce went all out for content marketing by launching a microsite dubbed “Playce Grocery” as an extension of their e-store. This tab brings them to “Playce Grocery”, which is a website aimed at sharing some rather distinctive content: tasty recipes and motivational posts to promote nutritious eating. The new Playce Grocery website is a manifestation of the direction’s attitude towards its internet presence: a strong belief that a powerful emphasis on quality website development will help swing more visitors to this site. The microsite’s connection to Playce also increases brand loyalty while gently motivating more online purchases. Consumers are more likely to visit the joined website rather than heading to another on-line retailer during their time on Playce Grocery. Aside from this informative site, the massive reach of social media marketing in their industry meant that Playce needed to play an active function or risk being insignificant. Aside from using content marketing, Playce’s inner team strengthened their stronghold via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google.

Direct management of these social networking accounts meant that Playce could circulate their marketing campaigns and promotions whenever they were finalized. Additionally, it meant that consumers received up-to-date and pertinent information directly from Playce. Above all, the priority is for Playce to maintain total control over any messages being broadcast over the web. Any individual could create a bogus account and initiate malicious attacks on Playce by providing deceptive advice to innocent consumers who “liked” the fake page. The creation of an official account instantaneously puts a stop to this threat and serves as a dependable way to obtain info.

Customer care is critical in reinforcing customer relationships. The way that a customer views a company is heavily determined by how the latter renders support to the former. Playce provides a great template for others to follow. In an effort to raise efficiency, Playce devoted a Twitter profile specifically to connect with customers whereas some other one was created to communicate specialized updates on deals and specials. This helps to ensure that marketing related messages are kept separate, so that each profile can carry out what it’s been designated to do. The men and women behind these social media accounts are also told to post with a wholesome and light-hearted tone, even to the point where they engage in positive debate with customers and other brands. Customers are much likelier to have faith in Playce’s support as they feel there’s another person behind the account instead of an automated responder.

Various sources revealed that Playce’s well executed digital marketing strategy paid off immensely. Playce controlled almost one third of the market share while the next competition only managed to keep half of that. It’d certainly resonate with senior executives during annual general meetings. Their firm grip of the marketplace is definitely poised to grow as they continue developing their strategies for digital marketing. They will take full advantage of their investments into the digital world – a mobile app is said to be in the pipeline. This is more than what traditional website design and development can expect to attain.

Key Takeaways
We can learn commonly from Playce. It truly is no longer a given to depend purely on branding and physical store coverage in a retail scenario to ensure success. Constant efforts in digital and social media marketing are necessary to dynamically engage consumers and maintain a business’s competitiveness in the digital age. If the deficiency of an internet presence can have such adverse effects on a big, well-known business like Playce, imagine the repercussions it would have on businesses of a smaller size. Digital mediums have developed into a non-optional promotion instrument to remain abreast with the times and forgoing it would have devastating consequences for the business in question.

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