New Marketing Methods for the Digital Age

A bulk of businesses within Singapore cannot completely understand the dynamism of the net upon the daily lives of its consumers. As it becomes simpler, more affordable and faster each day to reach the internet for news, goods and services, these companies fall behind even farther. In a way, these companies are crippled thus unable to expand their influence to retain any competitive advantage they may currently hold.

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Unprecedented Rise of Digital Media
The real winners were companies that had a powerful digital marketing strategy, developed either internally or through cooperation with a digital marketing agency. These businesses witnessed a growth in clients and a more active database. Digital marketing has demonstrated itself to be a powerful instrument for companies. As of now, there were numerous instances where firms forced themselves out of difficult times with this weapon. An instance of this is market titan Jambo.

Well before the turn of the century, Jambo’s dominating standing in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business – supported by its extensive retail reach nationwide and little rivalry – helped the company remain successful. In recent times, because of unforeseen circumstances, Jambo’s control over the market is decreasing quickly. The former Chief Executive Officer, being unable to capture the markets of nearby countries effectively, was told to leave and a new one arrived. Just like any change in key management, the recently appointed Chief Executive Officer gave Jambo a complete overhaul. This meant huge prices for Jambo and had an unwanted impact on its financial state.

Naturally, the clash for a share of the market was raising within the industry. Virtually any little opportunity that surfaced in the market was promptly capitalized upon by one of the firms. It came to to the extent that these shops were popping up at every corner.

Jambo’s leverage at that point include physical presence and branding. This recognition extended their shelf life but failed to help them retain investor faithfulness or all round patronage. Since Jambo’s deficits were merely growing, financial backers started to regret sinking over half a billion dollars into the company in recent times. Prior to the implementation of a digital marketing plan, Jambo’s online reach was restricted to a fundamental ecommerce site. Even though this met its fundamental purpose, the company was in terrible need of a more productive strategy in digital marketing. Owing to the digitally inclined CEO, a strategy was put into motion to maximize Jambo’s untapped online potential.

Getting External Help for Digital Marketing
Nonetheless, natural growth could just take it so far; they’d have to hire an external digital marketing agency to help fuel the expansion of its on-line presence. Future agencies were attentively examined before a selection was made. They selected an agency that was confident enough to assist them in projects across a variety of digital platforms.

The new norm for businesses nowadays is to get more done with a lot less; in Jambo’s context, it’d have to raise its e-commerce store sales utilizing the most cost effective process potential. Jambo exploited on reaching out branded content as the main tool to raise e store gains and appease their investors. Jambo exploited content marketing by establishing a microsite dubbed “Jambo Waffles” as an extension of their e store. The unique microsite promoted healthy eating and positive habits to Jambo customers.

The tactical placement of this mini site as an external source of invaluable health advice is an amazing move. The flow of advice within the microsite to the online store was smooth and convenient thanks to the links scattered amongst the info. By not having any sales pitch on the microsite, it can help to deliver a message that Jambo truly wants its patrons to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The essence of this plan capitalizes on the way consumers behave today: they’re impatient and want quick, observable results. This strategy unquestionably increases the odds a shopper will purchase from Jambo’s online store.


Tapping on on Social Media
One more facet within the digital marketing campaign approach was marketing through social media. Due to the enormous size of the company, Jambo did not need to engage an external social media agency. Their very first step was to create official profiles for the more popular social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google.

Two useful uses can be derived from opening their own profiles on these social platforms. The first way is clear – this acts as another channel to contact customers. They went to the extent of creating unique Twitter accounts for each of their sections. Distinct profiles were created to spread info on deals, waffles, wines etc.

Next, they are able to better determine their online brand reputation. A dilemma arises when a customer or even a competitor confirms an unofficial social media existence under their name. As the content wasn’t official nor checked at the source, Jambo would have to be constantly prepared for damage control whenever attacks on its brand occurred. An internal social media team would not allow such actions to happen if they were in charge. With advice coming directly from the official source, Jambo will not need to worry about what is being disseminated online.

Providing Excellent Support On the Internet
Customers are the lifeline of any business; what many fail to recognize is that, post-sales support plays a critical role in enhancing brand devotion. Resolving customer problems is pivotal in securing future sales, as wide-ranging studies have proven. Jambo truly exemplifies this great method of running a business.

By simply establishing several social networking profiles to deal with different facets of the business, Jambo breaks down the bureaucratic walls between customer and firm. There was one account especially to entertain customer questions and comments and another to send out valuable information like offers and promos. An integral priority is really to make sure the customer feels valued. This can be possible by dedicating “real” men and women to answer to their difficulties as opposed to hollow scripted replies. A friendly manner brings style to a brand and nurtures a feel good experience – resulting in prospective future sales.

Dependable data showed that Jambo’s meticulously executed strategy in digital marketing paid off immensely. Jambo controlled nearly one third of the share of the market while the next challenger only succeeded in retaining half of that. It’d surely resonate with key executives during annual general meetings.

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What’s the Future Like for Jambo?
Their firm standing in the marketplace is definitely primed to expand as they carry on developing their digital marketing strategy. The internal development team are constantly pushing out cellular apps that will expand Jambo’s reach to more people. These programs will certainly help them reach an even wider audience outside of traditional website design and development.

Jambo’s example leaves behind a number of fundamental lessons. First is that the period that a company has been around and present foothold is not a given in the digital age. Thanks to the mass adoption of digital media, new firms that are knowledgeable in these areas can suddenly snatch away even the most loyal customers from industry leaders. Therefore, it truly is no longer an alternative on whether you need to leverage on digital media for promotion in Singapore today. The inability to integrate this wihtin your company is equivalent to granting the competitors the green light to stay ahead of you.

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