Going Online to Raise Awareness of IntellaTrade

In this modern world, the internet’s impact upon the public has left many companies stumped. An increasing number of Singaporean companies are trying everything possible to outshine their more digitally savvy opponents via the lesser known communications platform known as online marketing.

Conversely, some firms that were swayed to engage in digital marketing stood to receive superior returns. These businesses witnessed a growth in customers and a more active database. Apparently, digital marketing is a powerful tool in business. There have been instances where companies already on the brink of closing down managed to recover via a well planned and perfectly-executed effort by a marketing agency specializing in digital media. One such instance is with the multi-national grocery chain IntellaTrade. Prior to The turn of the century, IntellaTrade’s nationwide reach and small rivalry meant that they had a good advantage in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods business. Nonetheless, as a result of unforeseen circumstances, IntellaTrade lost their footing within the marketplace and this left them exposed.

A new Chief Executive Officer was named when the old Chief Executive tried and failed to bring IntellaTrade into international markets. New Chief Executive Officers leads to fresh ideas, new methods of accomplishing things – and he did so, to the extent of providing IntellaTrade a total revamp. The corporate remodeling brought about some huge expenses that undermined IntellaTrade’s cashflow.

Additionally, the situation was made worse by new market adversaries Zeba and Cordys. Both companies picked up particular parts of the marketplace, which IntellaTrade had discounted, that were ready for milking profits. Besides battling it out in retail, digital marketing became an essential part of their arsenal of weapons which considerably leveled the playing field when it came to competing with the established companies in cyberspace.


Changes in Consumer Behavior
Shifts in overall consumer behavior also meant that price points trumped repeat purchases caused by brand faithfulness. IntellaTrade’s powerful track record had been shaken – causing turmoil amongst their key investors. Undoubtedly, the considerable drop in profits triggered investors to take notice.

During that time, IntellaTrade’s online existence was limited to an e-commerce store. It was fully working and operational, but the shifting competitive landscape meant that revolutionary changes to it was required; the new CEO, who was a powerful promoter of technology, was made just for this endeavor – to revamp and rejuvenate IntellaTrade’s online existence. Their first move was to launch their own in house internet marketing arm by investing in a technology incubator that trains vibrant tech marketers. IntellaTrade expected they could leverage on the expertise of these future technology specialists as a temporary digital marketing agency.

Increasing Online Traffic with Content Marketing
A considerable increase for their on-line visitorship was needed for IntellaTrade to augment their ecommerce abilities. Although conventional marketing options continue to be actively employed, its practicality is frequently challenged by lower price choices that tap on digital media. Marketing through branded content, a digital marketer’s favorite, comes to mind in this instance.

IntellaTrade added a new EatFresh button to their e-commerce store which when clicked on sends the user to a microsite called “IntellaTrade EatFresh”. This was a microsite designed to host and provide wellness-oriented content, such as recipes and motivational posts to encourage proper eating and diets.


With the creation of this microsite, IntellaTrade is efficiently placing it as an educational portal with no hard-sell to see its online store. The flow of information and facts in the microsite to the online store was smooth and convenient due to the hyperlinks spread across the pages. By leaving out any sales pitch on the microsite, it helps to deliver a message that IntellaTrade truly wants its patrons to live and eat healthily. The core of this plan taps on consumer behavior now: they are impatient and need quick, observable effects. Because IntellaTrade has made it such a breeze for people to purchase from it, it’s basically idiot proof for even the most technology illiterate users.

Yet another element within the internet marketing campaign approach was advertising through social media. As the business was large enough, they did not require the assistance of a third party marketing agency specializing in social media. To kick off the campaign they created their very own accounts on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Moderating IntellaTrade’s Social Media Accounts
There existed two important reasons to moderate their own social media accounts. To start, it is an easily controlled feed of generic information and promotional material for their shoppers. They even initiated special Twitter reports for their various sections. They’ve accounts for promotions, for actual foods, for wines, and so on.

More significantly, IntellaTrade kept absolute control over their online brand image. It’d be effortless for an outside third party to launch a fake page and taint IntellaTrade’s brand image with fake information. With absolute control over its accounts, IntellaTrade could be relied upon to provide verified info via the legitimate channels. Customer support is crucial in reinforcing customer relationships. The way that a customer views a company is heavily dependent on how the latter renders support to the former. IntellaTrade’s is a great example of what to copy.

To establish this, IntellaTrade created a really specialized social networking profile to handle and solve customer complaints. There would be an account created handle and to receive comments, while another would be assigned as a channel for the latest promotions. This clear demarcation of purposes will mean that customers get the sort of info they just desire.

The team that handles these social networking accounts are exceptionally attuned to communicate with a warm and personable feel, often participating in friendly repartee. This shift towards depicting itself as being less profit driven aids in bringing customers closer, since they are going to feel an actual person would be more vested in working out their problems.


Did it Bring Results?
Various sources showed that IntellaTrade’s well executed strategy in digital marketing paid off immensely. IntellaTrade commanded almost one third of the market while the next competition only managed to retain half of that. The encouraging transfer of market share was unquestionably something to brag about to shareholders.

This extremely encouraging result will only further solidify IntellaTrade’s trust in a digital marketing strategy. This would definitely help it become simpler for customers to purchase more from IntellaTrade and enhance its profitability.

Lessons Learnt
We are able to learn commonly from IntellaTrade. No matter how huge, one cannot count on its existing dominance to continue ensuring its success. Continuous efforts in digital and social media marketing are needed to dynamically engage consumers and keep a company’s competitiveness in the digital age.

Knowing that enterprises cannot afford to remain stagnant in this day and age stands out as the second takeaway. Having an online presence is no longer a choice, but has become essential to a business’ success. From reviving failing businesses to opening new markets, it has indisputably become a key ingredient for success.

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